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AC Medical provides only AAA/AAAA marijuana and THC/CBD concentrates to 19+ year old members. Membership is easy, click the “Register” icon on the main tab and follow the simple instructions and place and order today. At AC Medical, we source our entire menu direct from British Columbia’s best growers and producers of concentrates taking the best from different parts of the province to provide the full scope of the best weed in BC. We know our producers and therefore, know everything about the product and our members only have the best marijuana and concentrates to choose from.


AC Medical Client

I received my order today and must say i am quite fucking blown away by your products. Much smoother and more potent than any of the shit here. Thank you for the extra gram as well that was a nice gift. I will definetly be ordering more in the future thank you again.

AC Medical Client

Just wanted to say thanks! Very pleased with my first order and I’ve just placed a second one this morning. AAA/AAAA is hard to find here and always comes in spurts. It’s nice to know I can quickly order some top shelf from you!

AC Medical Client

absolutely love your website. Since I’ve found out about the mail order system with pot I haven’t had as good of an experience as I have had on AC. Easiest to use and best contact / support system that I’ve dealt with. Just wanted to say a big thank you guys, really appreciate the site and I’ve just placed another order :)