Grown in British Columbia, this potent indica dominant hybrid embodies its name to the fullest.

We are using a live sample that we have pulled from our online inventory.


The bud is dry on the surface but squishy and dense, really the best of both worlds. The bud has been trimmed with a few sugar leaves intertwined, and no fan leaves giving it that look only fit for a rockstar.


Unground: the bud has a medium aroma of a light pine smell.
Ground: intensity of the aroma greatly intensifies the pine comes through stronger with a touch of zest giving it energy


When first smoked you taste the pine with an aromatic zesty highlight finishing off with an earthy aftertaste


The ash was white and hung on to the joint indicating plant food is absent.


Once inhaled: An uplifted euphoric effect captures you within the first couple of puffs

After Completion: The high transcends from the uplifted euphoria to a nice happily relaxed feeling.