Cookie Train

Cookie Train
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This strain is an effective medication with long lasting effects. 

AROMA: Radiates a subtle cookie-like aroma with with distinct fruity flavors on the exhale

APPEARANCE: Medium sized, dense pieces. light green buds encapsulated with red hairs and frosty all over. great trim with little remaining sugar leaves

BURN: Smooth & clean

EFFECTS/HIGH: Hard hitting relaxed effects that are long lasting


Cookie Train, also called Cookie Trainwreck, is a hybrid cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Trainwreck. A subtle cookie-like aroma radiates from its dense buds, but more distinct fruity flavors come out on the exhale. This hybrid’s potency is enough to make both parents proud as its cerebral euphoria and full-body effects hit like a freight train.  
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Product Grade AAA
Cannabis Strain Type Hybrid
Breeder N/A
Texture N/A
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