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Grown by our friends as Island Temptress Farms, near Duncan B.C. on Vancouver Island, God's Big Bud is a new strain that is a combination of God's Bud and Shishkaberry.  

AROMA: Exotic sweet and earthy smell

APPEARANCE: Large sized pieces that are possibly the most dense buds ever to grace our menu.  An excellent trim, with the bud composition that is so dense there was zero room for and leaf to grow at all!.   The buds are frosted all over on the outside of the buds, and when you break one open, you can see the massive build up of trichomes!

BURN: Little grey in the ash, nothing that ruins the smoke

EFFECTS/HIGH:  Complete body-numbing effects, great for nexflix marathons


Godberry is a potent indica-dominant strain that provides strong pain relief effects. A cross between God and shiskaberry, this fruity strain is a favorite among consumers for its completely body-numbing effects. This strain won’t lead to any active pursuits and is good for those TV marathon days.

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