Lemon Sour Diesel - LSD

Lemon Sour Diesel - LSD
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This strain was grown by Island Vibes Farms on Vancouver Island. This strain is an effective medication for wide range of ailments. The effects are dosage dependent

AROMA: Pungent citrus aroma with a hint of pine

APPEARANCE: Medium sized pieces, frosty all over, excellent trim with no remaining sugar leaves

BURN: Smooth & clean ash

EFFECTS/HIGH: Dosage dependent

1) low dose - headier trip with mood enhancing effects that generally lead to a sense of well-being. 

2) High dose, weighted body and mind that feels meditative at its core.


The LSD strain was bred by Barneys Farm, with a lineage from Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1. It is a disease-resistant plant that does well in most growing conditions. The buds form in curved triangles, yielding approximately 600 grams per square meter. Flowering time is approximately 8-9 weeks. This marijuana strain is popular for delivering a vivid and psychedelic experience with a powerful body buzz and cerebral high. 

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