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This strain is a new product from our friends at Island Vibes Farms on Vancouver Island. It is a powerful Hybrid-Sativa perfect for daytime use. It is an effective medication for wide range of ailments including depression and fatigue

AROMA: Unique flavor profile with a sweet and fruity aroma 

APPEARANCE: Beautiful, medium sized pieces. Light green buds that are completely caked in a frosty coat. Excellent trim with no remaining sugar leaves

BURN: Smooth and clean white ash

EFFECTS/HIGH: Most users experience alert, sativa effects that allow for mental relaxation without sedation. A combination of a happy and uplifted stimulation 


Mind Bender is a potent sativa dominant hybrid strain that is known for its ability to provide a burst of uplifting energy coupled with a strong head buzz. It has a strong sweet and fruity aroma that also alludes to its "turbo mind warp" lineage. The buds themselves are covered in a blanket of crystals and burnt orange hairs.  

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Cannabis Strain Type Hybrid
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