Shake/Bottom Bag-28 g

Shake/Bottom Bag-28 g
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Now this is some top quality shake! This is not crappy trim/leaves or ugly stems... this is genuinely the accumulated bottoms that we refuse to add into regular flower orders. It has taken us a while to collect enough for this moment... a HUGE shake sale! Enjoy :)

(strains the BOB was mainly collected from Tangerine dream, tuna, Red Congo, Death Bubba)

Since we never add any shake to regular flower packages, we accumulate tons of bottoms. In addition to making our house brand AC Medical shatter, we decided to sell the shake directly to you at the lowest price! Our Shake/Bottom Bag is a mix of all our bottoms we collect from our various strains on the menu. Great for cooking or making other extracts! Please note: this is shake/bottoms, we sell our popcorn nugs separately. 

(strains the BOB was collected mainly from Tangerine dream, tuna, Red Congo, Death Bubba)


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